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World Manufacturing Forum 2017 | Mexico

7 Novembre 2017

The WMF2017 will assemble in Monterrey, Mexico on 7-9 November 2017 at the Parque Fundidora to explore  the theme “Towards a Digital Market and Connected Manufacturing Ecosystems”. Global policy experts and industry leaders from large multinationals to small-to-medium sized enterprises, and academic leaders will discuss the policy, economic, social, and technical challenges that influence global manufacturing. The sessions will explore:


Opening Session: Mexico’s Manufacturing Competitiveness & Global Partners:

| Session 1 | Industrial Policies for Digital and Interconnected Manufacturing Market

| Session 2 | Connected Factories and Value Chains

| Session 3 | Digital Workforce & Future Manufacturing Jobs

| Session 4 | Energy and Resource Efficient Manufacturing

| Session 5 | New Business Models & Service Engineering

| Session 6 | Technology Trends for the Factory of the Future


Speakers are expected to present policy views supporting and defining manufacturing megatrends such as  the digitalization of industry, challenges for SMEs in the global marketplace, manufacturing intelligence, social innovation as a driver for new products, services, and technologies, financial challenges that affect industrialized and emerging economies, the circular economy and zero waste, and other disruptive technologies.

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