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Sectoral mapping

Sectoral mapping


MecaTech CC has developed a skills mapping tool in order to facilitate the implementation of projects that are innovative, ambitious, and have international scope.

This software:

  • indexes the mechanical engineering firms in Wallonia with high innovative potential; and
  • classifies these enterprises according to a series of
    • technological fields and
    • applications.

Each technological field and application market is then examined

  • to determine its
    • Walloon and foreign players (enterprises and research centres),
    • markets,
    • technologies,
    • value chains, and
    • complementarities; and
  • to identify the strong links that exist between various technologies and their fields of application.

These concentrations of skills and expertise are themselves interconnected.

Aims of the mapping software:

  • to complement MecaTech CC’s strategic orientations with a finer approach based on knowledge of Wallonia’s skills and expertise and their areas of activity, development trends, and interconnections;
  • to make use of synergies between Walloon and foreign players;
  • to put flesh on the network policy’s bones;
  • to generate projects by organizing intra- and intergroup meetings by technology or area of application;
  • to create commercial and marketing synergies; and
  • to create platforms for certain technological business networks.




The skills mapping software gives MecaTech CC rapid access to the following information:

  • links between enterprises,
  • links between technological fields and application markets,
  • and so on.