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Aid for MecaTech-approved projects

Aid for MecaTech-approved projects

The projects may include one or more of the following strands:

  • research,
  • investment,
  • foreign trade,
  • foreign investment,
  • training.

Research aid


OPR = State research body

UU = university department

UHE = Haute Ecole department

CRA = approved research center

PE = small enterprise

ME = medium-sized enterprise

GE = large enterprise

Investment aid

The amount of the research aid varies according to the area where the projects are conducted.

  • An investment project in an official development area will be eligible for an 18% subsidy, which is a 5-to 12-point bonus over the usual subsidies.
  • An investment project outside a development area will be eligible for a subsidy ranging from 6.5% (medium-sized enterprise) to 13% (micro- and small enterprises), which is a bonus of from 3 to 9 points over the usual subsidies.



The three circles of beneficiaries

C1 = Partners:  As they are involved in the R&D phase, the partners are eligible for a series of investment aids.
C2 = Subcontractors:  They invest in the appropriate machinery.  They are thus supported financially.
C3 = Clients also enjoy certain CC-linked advantages (for example, user training and maintenance technicians), which is an additional commercial argument.

Government investments in the form of assets and shares

SOFIPOLE was set up to finance public investments in infrastructure, buildings, and machinery for the region’s competitiveness clusters and their partners.  Its other tasks include managing, through delegation, the Region’s shares in and loans to incubators working in a field of activity chosen for a competitiveness cluster.

AWEX aid

AWEX (the Walloon Export Agency) also offers a series of financial support and export aid possibilities. Consult the AWEX site.

Market studies

MecaTech CC has AWEX budgets that it may use to help its members finance market studies regarding competitiveness cluster-approved projects.

Training aid

Training programs may be developed, at the request of project initiators, with all of the recognised players in the field to meet the project partners’ specific skills and expertise needs.

These training courses may be developed for companies, jobseekers, teachers, and students.

Government subsidies:

  • equipment necessary for these training programmes;
  • operating costs linked to the hours in training, up to the payroll costs of the workers being trained.